Web Design

Web Design for eBusiness

Most people begin thinking about an internet business by buying hosting, a web page, and then a domain name. You’d understand what a mistake that is if you have read other articles in this site. If you haven’t done the other planning first, then you should read about how to start a business before delving into web design.

Web design is probably the most mis-understood term within the internet industry. Sure, there are hundreds of thousands of ‘developers’, ‘web designers’, and ‘industry experts’ that could whip off a definiton of web design that would fit their services. A business person would probably define the term as the process of hiring a ‘web guy’ to build them a website. When it comes to doing business on the internet, the majority miss the mark. Here are some of the common types of websites that will not work for you… an amateur site done by a ‘friend, relative, etc’, a beautiful graphical site usually done by a graphic designer, a highly functional site done by a ‘web developer’, a simple brochure site, or probably a site done by yourself.

So, why won’t these work for you? Some are obvious… like an amateur site will reflect on you as an amateur. But, what about the others? They are created by professionals, right? Well, yes. Professionals at their specialty. And, usually that’s not building a business on the web. They can be top notch at creating graphics or programming, yet they tend to leave the important stuff out. If someone is a ‘web developer’, use them for your programming. If they are a graphic designer, use them for your graphics. Don’t allow them to make decisions about your online business design. So, that leaves someone calling themselves a ‘web designer’? We’ll get to that.

What about yourself? Could you create your web site for your own business? Well, that depends. Unless you’re a programmer or graphic designer, you’re better off not attempting that. Unless you’ve studied the elements of good web design, visitor experience, and marketing, you are probably better off looking for some help rather than doing it yourself. This doesn’t mean you can’t create your own web page, just that you need some education or advice before jumping into it.

What is Good Web Design?

Since we’ve eliminated most of the people who typically create web sites on the internet now, let’s talk about how to get a good business site. It is not that all the people on the internet do a poor job. There are some really beautiful sites, and there are a lot of sites with bunches of functionality. What there isn’t, is a lot of sites that are effective. See, programmers are primarily focused on programming… and graphic designers are primarily focused on graphical, or pretty sites. Home grown, or amateur produced sites usually end up being bad at both. So, why wouldn’t a ‘professional’ web designer be the best option? Because many “web designers” are just one of the above that give themselves the title of web designer. Or worse, they sell sites that are just based on a set of templates.

How do you know how to get a good site? Maybe you don’t know…