eBiz-Resources.com has been created as a resource for internet marketing neophytes that seek resources and information of tools and tips for building a business online. Information Marketing is a huge market and can be confusing and a money trap for many beginners. This blog and its pages will discuss various tools available, products that have been released, and ways of applying both to grow your own business online.

Navigating the internet marketing community, the information marketers, and figuring out how to make it work for you can be confusing, discouraging, and downright expensive. With a bit of “been there, done that”, eBiz-Resources will relay our own experiences with a variety of internet tools and information products so you can learn from the experience and have a more comfortable sense of what to do next or who to do business with.

Feel free to join the discussions on this blog. Please know that general bashing, uncouth behavior or language, and spamming will not be allowed on the blog. Any posts that violate these basic principals will definitely be removed. We welcome your comments and contributions so that others can learn from you as well. Just reserve any spamming and ranting for your own blog… that’s your prerogative.

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Disclosure Notice:

The contents of this blog, along with certain sections of the blog such as the rightmost column, contain links to sites, pages, and products. Some of these links may be affiliate or promotional links where the owner of this site receives credit or payment should a visitor purchase a product.  We try to refer only reputable products and programs on this site, though we cannot purchase or evaluate each of these ourselves.  So, we cannot personally vouch for all links that we make.  Typically, we will offer an opinion on programs or products we recommend.  If at any time, we find that a particular program or product doesn’t meet our expectations for providing value to our readers, we will remove it.